Galleries - June 2015

not more, vivid intensity than ever as, with the help of his wife, the painter Frances Mann, he devised a way of working in which the visual cortex, the mind’s eye in effect, took over. To see the joyful and exhilarating results, go to his show (planned while he was still alive and working) at Cadogan Contemporary – the seven final paintings upstairs, a curated show of earlier work downstairs – and see if you can spot any differences. Excellent Women Founded in 1857 as the Society of Female Artists, when 149 women showed 358 works, the Society of Women Artists has, with a couple of name changes along the way (first Lady, then Women), been going strong ever since. From a time when women had to change their names to avoid social recrimination, we have reached an age where women’s voices are heard in an altogether more equal environment. Even so the Society still flourishes, the need for an independent forum in which to show still felt to be of crucial importance – an indication perhaps that things still aren’t quite as free and open as one might have expected? Their latest, 154th Annual Exhibition is at the Mall Galleries ( 5to 13 June) and, based on past experience, should prove to be a lively and possibly even provocative affair. JUNE 2015GALLERIES 11 association with leading artists using a culinary palette! It is important to stress that it’s not just about visiting the dealers you can walk into ‘off the street’, but also gives entry to some of those who operate on an altogether more private and exclusive appointment basis all of whom will be open all weekend. There is a serious agenda here – the sheer success of London’s tourist and retail market is, via rocketing rents, beginning to impact on the galleries’ and dealers’ ability to stay in business in this highly prestigious area, ironically made prestigious by the galleries in the first place. This initiative will most certainly help them. Galleries magazine is supporting the project editorially by featuring introductions to the key art tour areas – starting this month with St James’s (turn to page 12). In next month’s issue we will cover Mayfair. In addition to Brown’s London Art Weekend in July the remaining Saturday art tours this year are on 13 June, 19 September, 17 October and 7 November, with further details to follow. See website for information: www. Brown’s Art Tours Bang in the middle of the booming Mayfair/St James’s art gallery nexus, Brown’s Hotel is continuing last year’s initiative in cultivating a great opportunity to make closer connections between its customers – not just residing guests but also visitors to their celebrated HIX Mayfair restaurant – and many of the 190 or more galleries and dealers within a ten minute stroll of its Albemarle and Dover Street front doors. Last year the hotel instituted guided tours of small groups to art galleries in the district, led by one of the dealers in the scheme and followed by lunch in HIX Mayfair. The idea proved an absolute winner and quickly evolved into an art weekend, again so successful that it has inspired an even bigger Brown’s London Art Weekend event this year (3 to 5 July) which is being run in conjunction with London Art Week (3 to 10 July). Quite apart from the numerous guided tours and curated walks taking place over the three days, there are talks and lectures about all aspects of art, how to collect it and, of course, specially conceived art lunches and dinners ‘constructed’ in from left: S argy Mann ‘Street Café II’ at Cadogan Contemporary. Cathy S R Read ‘Battersea Reborn’, The Society of Women Artists at Mall Galleries. Mikhail Karikis ‘Children of Unquiet’ (film still) 2014, at Daiwa Foundation. Sarah Soward ‘Sky Creature’, David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation at Mall Galleries John Piper ‘Death in Venice VII’ at Bohun Gallery. Giovanni Boldini (1842-1931) ‘Portrait of a Man in Profile’ at Stephen Ongpin (see St James’s feature page 12)