Galleries - December 2015

DECEMBER 2015GALLERIES 53 conceptual art, sculpture and photography, as well as painting and drawing. It should certainly begin to break down a lot of preconceived notions about such an approach being overly conservative and academic in approach – there’s some very sparky work here. Nicholas Usherwood In the July issue of Galleries I had the sad task of writing an appreciation of my colleague Andrew Aitken’s life, and referred to our first issue being helped on its way by Robin Garton. Over the years, after Robin left the West End and dealt in prints from home, he pursued his other main interest of mountain climbing and walking, and the Founding of the Glacier Trust – helping the people of Nepal manage the effects of climate change on their lives and environment. Galleries was a modest but regular supporter, replying to Robin every time he wrote, and so what follows is published in the hope that others may become supporters in the memory of this cheerful man and glinting facet of the art world. PaulHooper It is with great sadness toinform you that Robin Garton, Founder and Director of The Glacier Trust went missing on 25th September 2015. Robin was an avid hiker and climber and was reported as missing after a solo hike in the Glencoe area of Scotland. The search and rescue operation has moment of living art history when Spencer’s 85year old artist daughter, Unity, made a guest appearance at the Henley Literary Festival, along with one of the dolls from the painting. Talking with Spencer expert Carolyn Leder and full of wonderful reminiscences of her life with her father, Unity suddenly bent down to a shoe box at her feet and produced Golden Slumbers Sonia Rose. Never before seen in public, she held the doll as in the painting and demonstrated that critics had long been wrong about her being ‘eyeless’ – her eyes had simply moved to the sleeping position. So whatever emotional symbolism had come to be attached to this surmise, it went quietly out of the window! Nicholas Usherwood Founded in 2008, the London Atelier of Representational Art (LARA) has quickly established itself as the go-to place if you want to learn the technical skills involved in representational art. Now, to showcase what they feel are the very particular benefits to be gained from their modern style version of the old atelier system, that dates back to 17th C, they have organised an exhibition at the Mall Galleries (1 to 4 December) entitled ‘Atelier: The Art of Representation.’ Featuring the work of some 25 star graduates and selected by LARA’s director, James Napier, it includes computer arts, pop art, from left: Paul C é zanne ‘Femme de L’Hermine’, Daniel Katz M ary Newcomb ‘Silver Birch in front of the Chapel’, Crane Kalman Gallery D aniel Sequeira ‘Barty’, London Atelier of Representational Art Stanley Spencer ‘Family Group: Hilda, Unity and Dolls, 1937’, loaned to the Stanley Spencer Gallery by Leeds Art Gallery; © The Estate of Stanley Spencer, All Rights Reserved, 2015 / Bridgeman Art Library London Atelier been ongoing for almost 7 weeks now and is being undertaken by a selfless and dedicated team of volunteers. At the height of this search effort, helicopters, drones, divers and dogs were all used to try and find Robin. There are, however, still no leads, and Andy, the leader of the search effort, is baffled as to why they have not been able to find him as they know where he was planning to walk and roughly for how long he was planning to walk. Tributes to Robin continue to flow in from around the world as a testament to what a hugely popular and generous man he is. The very important work that Robin pioneered with some of the poorest Nepalese communities is continuing now through the determined efforts from the Interim Director and the Board of Trustees, who are dedicated to continuing Robin’s goal of combatting the worst effects of climate change and improving the lives of some of the poorest people in Nepal. We thank you for your support again with our earthquake relief fund which has been put to extremely efficient and important use, literally enabling many families devastated by the earthquakes to repair their homes, maintain their livelihoods and survive the monsoon. We will be in touch again in the new year with a newsletter showing you exactly how your money is making a big difference. Please continue to support the vital and important work of The Glacier Trust. Peter Osborne, Juerg Merz, Andy Rutherford (Trustees), Richard Allen and Jamie Forsyth (co Interim Directors). Robin Garton