Galleries - October 2014

OCTOBER 2014 GALLERIES 63 ADLER Jankel Ben Uri ALEMDAR Armando GX Gallery ANDREWES Eliza Highgate Contemporary * ANDREWS Sybil Osborne Samuel BAILEY Julian Manya Igel BAMBI Globe Gallery BANK Sandra Highgate Contemporary * BANKSY Globe Gallery BARKER Clive Whitford Fine Art * BENDALL Mildred Whitford Fine Art * BENNALLACK-HART Michael Medici BERTRAND Alain Catto BLACKADDER Elizabeth Browse & Darby BLOCH Martin Ben Uri BLOW Sandra Jonathan Grimble * BOMBERG David Ben Uri BRADLEY Martin Paisnel Gallery CAZIEL Whitford Fine Art * CHADWICK Lynn Osborne Samuel CHANDLER Colin Medici CHEPIK Sergei Catto Gallery CHINNERY George Martyn Gregory CLOUGH Prunella Osborne Samuel COOK Beryl Portal COOKE Edward W. Martyn Gregory CUMING Fred * Manya Igel DAVIE Alan Paisnel Gallery DIX Otto Richard Nagy DUNSTAN Bernard Manya Igel EASTON Arthur Highgate Contemporary * EMSLEY Paul Redfern * EPSTEIN Sir Jacob Ben Uri EUSTACE David Highgate Contemporary * FEATHER Yan Kel * GX Gallery FEILER Paul Osborne Samuel Paisnel Gallery Redfern * FRANKLIN Jenny Crane Kalman FROST Terry Paisnel Gallery GEAR William Whitford Fine Art GEAS Luce Highgate Contemporary * GERTLER Mark Ben Uri GORE Frederick Highgate Contemporary * Manya Igel GOWING Sir Lawrence Highgate Contemporary * GRAHAM Peter Llewellyn Alexander GRAY Ed * GX Gallery GROSZ George Richard Nagy GROVER Martin GX Gallery GUAITAMACCHI Bruno Highgate Contemporary * HARRISON Claude Highgate Contemporary * HENRY Sean Osborne Samuel HEPBURN Alan Highgate Contemporary * HICKS Nicola Flowers HOWARD Ken Manya Igel HOWSON Peter Flowers HUGHES Patrick Flowers HUGHES-STANTON Blair North House HUMPHRIES Geoffrey Manya Igel INGAMELLS Andrew Highgate Contemporary * JACKSON Kurt Redfern JACKSON Philip Catto JONES Nicholas Crane Kalman JAY Pamela Llewellyn Alexander KINGSLEY John John Davies KIRCHNER Ernst Ludwig Richard Nagy KLIMT Gustav Richard Nagy KRAMER Jacob Ben Uri KUBIN Alfred Richard Nagy KUHFELD Peter Manya Igel LOWNDES Alan Crane Kalman LOWRY LS Crane Kalman MAGILL Anne Medici McCARTNEY Clive Catto Gallery McWHIRTER Ishbel Highgate Contemporary * MEIDNER Ludwig Ben Uri MENINSKY Bernard Ben Uri MIRO Joan Osborne Samuel MITCHELL Denis Paisnel Gallery MOORE Henry Osborne Samuel MOUNT Paul Paisnel Gallery MURPHY Sandy John Davies NEWCOMB Mary Crane Kalman * NEWCOMB Tessa Crane Kalman NICHOLSON Ben Crane Kalman NICHOLSON Winifred Crane Kalman PAOLOZZI Eduardo Flowers PICASSO Pablo Richard Nagy PISSARRO Lucien Ben Uri PLUMB John Paisnel Gallery POWER Cyril Edward Osborne Samuel PRENTICE David John Davies PROCKTOR Patrick Redfern * QUIRKE Michael Highgate Contemporary * RICHARDSON Philip Highgate Contemporary * ROBBINS Richard Highgate Contemporary * ROBINSON Paul Highgate Contemporary * NATIONAL ARTIST INDEX Galleries listed here usually stock works by those artists under whose name they appear. Where a gallery is in bold and marked with an asterisk* it claims a principal agency in works in one or more media by that artist RYDER Sophie Osborne Samuel SCHIELE Egon Richard Nagy SCHIERENBERG Tai-Shan Flowers SCHNEUER David Catto Gallery SELBY William John Davies SOLOMON Joseph Ben Uri SOLOMON Simeon Ben Uri SUTHERLAND Graham Crane Kalman TING Walasse Catto Gallery TOFT Sam Catto TOUBEIX Arnold Highgate Contemporary * TUNNARD John Paisnel Gallery UGLOW Euan Browse & Darby VEZELAY Paule England & Co * VICCARDI Massimiliano GX Gallery VOGEL Bernhard Catto Gallery WARHOL Andy Globe Gallery WARREN Bob Highgate Contemporary * WILSON Douglas Highgate Contemporary * WILSON Frank Avray Paisnel Gallery WOLMARK Alfred Aaron Ben Uri WRIGHT Lisa Beardsmore Gallery YARDLEY John Llewellyn Alexander GALLERIES: October 2014 - 17,000 copies. Available from listed galleries, sale rooms, major hotels and by subscription: UK £28, Europe £32, Elsewhere £44 (UK Art Trade price of £24, send business card) payments to ‘Galleries’. Mastercard/Visa accepted. Listing& advertising :