Galleries - May 2014

MAY 2014 GALLERIES 51 paintings: the importance of expression through colour, the appeal of the natural world as inspiration and the beauty of the organic form. Bothworked primarily with watercolour, practicing the wet- in-wet technique that Nolde had developed by applying their paints onto dampened paper. The result is scenes executed in deep jewel tones that feel both fascinating and detached. Nolde’s landscapes, withdark skies, expansive fields and solitary houses are simultaneously lonely and intimate, while Beck’s glowing panoramas point to his association withNolde, while straying towards the abstract. Nolde’s pictures don’t appear in London often, so Connaught Brown will use the show, which CODA For all the vivid colours and bold forms that define his paintings, Emile Nolde (1857-1956) can be rather a shadowy figure in the history of art. However, throughout May, Connaught Brown will exhibit 10 of Nolde’s watercolours alongside 12 works by his student Herbert Beck (1920-2010) in order to provide insight into the interests and inspirations of these two German Expressionists. Nolde was an independent character during his life. While the angular faces of his figures point towards his brief association withDie Brücke artists, his works are primarily informed, absorbing interest in the land around him. It’s possible to identify the elements that define Nolde’s works reflected in his student’s runs from 2 to 24 May, as an opportunity to display a variety of his works. In addition to Nolde’s vast landscapes will be his dreamy figurative scenes, flower paintings and several of his ‘unpainted pictures’ – watercolours produced in secret after he was judged by the Nazis to be a ‘degenerate’ artist, despite being a member of the party. Accustomed to relating contemporary art withearlier modern pieces, Connaught Brown’s exhibition of the works of Nolde and Beck, two artists joined by their expressive styles and personal relationship, promises to be fascinating . . . Frances Allitt qeb jfiifkbov=tlohp=iqa URLUT plrqed^qb=ol^aI=fpifkdqlk ilkalk=kN=Pgp qbiW MOM TPRV OMNV c^uW=MOM=TPRV=RTVO bj~áäW ~êí]ãáääáåÉêóïçêâëKÅçKìâ MS íç OU j~ó=OMNQ qìÉëÇ~ó=íç=p~íìêÇ~ó=NN~ã=íç=Séã= pìåÇ~ó NO íç Réã mêÉîáÉï ~íW ïïïKãáfäáåÉêóïçêâëKÅçKìâ GILES WINTER NEW PAINTINGS & DRAWINGS