Galleries - June 2014

JUNE 2014GALLERIES 49 In April, shortly before the opening of the Annely Juda exhibition, a series of Andy Warhol’s images executed in 1985 with graphic software on a Commodor Amiga were reported having been found. After being filed away on floppy discs for 30 years, the images include a soup can and a modified celebrity portrait. Like Hockney, Warhol used the software to produce images that could only be associated with him. But already Warhol’s are pieces to be excavated and conserved. Constant, rapid advances in technology mean that the Warhols, with their low pixel count, look more dated than they really should, and it’s a fate that the Hockneys could suffer as well. CODA David Hockney’s current exhibition ‘The Arrival of Spring’ occupies two floors of Annely Juda Fine Art . Upstairs his series of iPad drawings from 2011, on the floor below a digital video installation of East Yorkshire in the snow from 2010, and a new collection of charcoal drawings showing the coming of spring to Woldgate and the recently vandalised “totem” tree. The effects of the sensitive, textural black-and-white charcoals are stunning, and have been suitably praised in the exhibition’s critical reception. However, though sometimes received with some caution, it is even more important to see the vivid iPad images now, and, as chance would have it, a recent event tells us why. For now, the iPad drawings, which are joyful in their use of colour and creative in producing depth, offer another interpretation of the countryside Hockney shows us in his video and drawings. See them at Annely Juda before they leave in July – or it might really be too late . . . Available for hire for exhibitions. Facilities: Kitchen and bathroom, wi-fi, free loading and unloading parking bay at back. 20 minute loading bay at front with public car park opposite. £2500 p/w (10% commission conditions). 50% discount avbailable at certain times of the year. Tel: +44(0) 7960 933566 Frances Allitt The Arrival of Spring in Woldgate, East Yorkshire