Galleries - July 2014

JULY 2014 GALLERIES 49 Hayfield . De Waal’s piece is made up of nine white ceramics all placed carefully together on a dark steel slab. It’s a cool, clean piece, at once satisfyingly geometric and delicate. Nicholson’s, on the other hand, is a smallish painting of a little girl wearing boots in a sea of grains, and it has a dreamy warmth about it thanks to its rich colour as well as its subject. Different as they are, the two works play well against each other: metal and white against colour, and a sense of physical presence against memory. Crane Kalman doesn’t push the contrast. By avoiding strict parameters it gives the visitor the chance to pull out any piece from the collection mentally and examine it in regard to any other. CODA Crane Kalman Gallery ’s current selection of British, European and American art is a breath of fresh air for the visitor coming in from the bustling summer streets of South Kensington. Diverse but not too large, the collection hangs on the walls in front of and behind the desk, down the stairs and into the basements, whilst sculptures perch on tables and in the front window. There’s an easy charm about the place and the pieces in the collection, new or old, abstract or figurative, two- or three-dimensional all fit together without needing a common theme. Take two rather different works both on show at the moment: Edmund de Waal’s 9 Circles II and Winifred Nicholson’s Plenty more artists are represented between whom the exercise can be carried out – Tom Stogdon, Alfred Walllis and Craigie Aitchison to name a few. And at the same time, Crane Kalman itself is a pleasant contrast to the hot London summer beyond its doors . . . Frances Allitt E dmund De Waal '9 Circles II' 2011, corten steel slab with 9 thrown porcelain vessels in celadon, grey and white glazes at Crane Kalman Gallery CONTEMPORARY BRITISH ART 2014 11 LONDON ARTISTS at THE MILLINERY WORKS LTD 85/87 SOUTHGATE ROAD, ISLINGTON LONDON N1 3JS TEL: 020 7359 2019 FAX: 020 7359 5792 EMail: View full catalogue: 06 Jul to 31 Aug 2014 Tuesday to Saturday 11am to 6pm Sunday 12 to 5pm Sharon Beavan Nicholas Borden Sarah Cawkwell Sophie Dickens Ceri House James Mackinnon Lucinda Oestreicher Eric Rimmington Jefferson Smith Frank Stanton Joan Stanton