Galleries - June 2013

King’s Manor space and has put on an absolute cracker of a show. Entitled ‘Lasting Impress-ions’, it includes 50 original prints by 30 artists and aims at showing both the diversity of printmaking techniques and the huge skills that go into the making of an artist’s print. Petherick has cast her net nationwide and come up with some really top names – Peter Ford, Hilary Paynter and H. J. Jackson among them. Mean- while shows go on at her gallery as per our listings. Which Stewart? Referring last month to the Zimmer Stewart Gallery’s 10th birthday, I inadvertently named its director after the Star Trek and Shakespearian actor, Patrick Stewart, when I should, of course, have been thinking of Rear Window and It’s a Wonderful Life (among many other things) actor James Stewart. Sorry! Wonderful Wildlife A quick note about another excellent sounding show at the Mall Galleries – ‘A week of Wildlife Art’ (3 to 8June). Pre- sented by the David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation and covering all four exhibition spaces, the main event is the shortlist for the £10,000 Wildlife Artist of the Year Prize: all works for sale and profits to endangered wildlife. With celebrity tigers in the North Gallery – famous names auction artwork ‘Perspectives’, independent cura- tor Amanda Game is working with a group of patrons to nominate an established designer or maker whose work they have supported over recent years, in the selection of works for exhibition and sale. Waterhouse & Dodd are also moving but not quite so far, leaving their home of 12 years in Cork Street for rather more spa- cious premises in nearby Albe- marle Street towards the middle of June – the current still-life show, ending 7 June, their last in Cork Street. Not directly involved in the current brouhaha there, they are moving ahead of any possible development-prompted mass exodus of galleries . . . Meanwhile, down in Bath bo-lee gallery is leaving its Queen Street HQ and boldly heading for London, where it will shortly be opening up a space in Islington. 1, Queen Street, however, will re- main a contemporary gallery, be- ing taken over almost immed- iately by the new QuercusGallery which is showing an interesting range of work by the likes of Van- essa Gardiner, Robert Woolner, Pippa Ridley and Chloe Steele. Lasting Impression Ann Petherick has been flying the flag for good contemporary art in York from her in-home gallery, Kentmere House, for probably a lot longer than she would care to admit! Now, as in previous years, she has again been invited by the University of York to show in their 8. GALLERIES JUNE 13 ANTENNAE Central Art Previously something of a local event attached to the Marylebone Summer Fayre, now London’s lar- gest street-fair, the 7th Art in Marylebone (14 to 16 June) is be- ginning to spread its wings. Now no longer confined to artists living or working in the borough (though still very much part of the Summer Fayre), it has been inviting appli- cations from all artists and has also acquired a handsome venue in the Hellenic Centre in Padding- ton Street, along with 24 purpose- designed stands. I have a feeling this is very much a fair on the up and up; yet it appears almost as an upstart when compared to the venerable Chelsea Art Society , celebrating its 66th re-incarnation this month with over 500 paintings and sculptures by members and non-members in Chelsea Old Town Hall (20 to 24 June). Foun- ded in 1910, in Chelsea’s artistic heyday, it’s the only survivor of many others set up around that time but, with over 100 members, it seems to be a flourishing organization. One Door Opening . . . After 17 years in Fitzrovia’s Percy Street, Contemporary Applied Art is marking its 65th birthday by taking off for an area becoming ever trendier and ‘hotter’, certainly for all things designery, viz Bermondsey/ Southwark, and just a (long) stone’s throw from Tate Modern. For the opening show,