Galleries - July 2013

companies in the world in San Francisco, Reis gains her inspi- ration from the latest cutting edge techniques of biological science to explore the fuzzy line between the technological and the natural. Her unifying theme is her use of a new medium, epoxy polymer, through which she explores inter- actions of colour and material on a microscopic level – here in a series of Petri dishes of extra- ordinary beauty. One very much to watch . . . Early and Late Artists’ creative lives often take on a remarkably circular quality – a return, at the end, to the themes and subjects that had most pre- occupied them when they set out. Richard Eurich was a classic ex- ample and, in a career that span- ned 8 decades, from the 1920s to the 1990s, the figure and tree sub- jects that had so engaged him as a young artist then came back in force towards the end of his life. In a nicely conceived show at the The First Gallery in Bitterne, Southampton, entitled ‘A Gath- ered Radiance’, this idea is ex- plored to revealing effect with some 25 paintings from the first 10 years of his career juxtaposed with another 25 from a highly pro- ductive late period when the artist was well into his 80s. Having said all that, the sea subjects which perhaps best characterised his mature career are still never very far away either – a nice group here. And I should add that, if you don’t know it, the gallery itself is an absolute delight. Set up in her private house more than 30 years ago by artist Margery Clarke (now 87) to promote the work of artists she admired, the good work is now being carried on by her son Paul. Eurich is an artist I have long admired and I sense dealers and critics are now finally beginning to get firmly behind this imaginative, visionary genius. Get there first! Global Reach Appearing under Surrey (South map 15) for the first time this month The Globe Gallery in Wey- bridge presents an interesting collection to those who live in what is locally described as the 'golden property triangle'. It deals exclusively in original prints from Estate Editions of Picasso to up to the moment Banksy's, hand signed, numbered and framed. Globe operates a West End stock in an approachable, more easily accessible environment. Such is the breadth of 'iconic' images and styles on view that those who know will find it hard to pass the window and wonder, is that really a Lichtenstein on the wall? It is, if it is 'Two Nudes', numbered, signed and dated '94 . . . PH indeed appalling, story of the country’s highly cultured Jewish (Litvak) population, effectively wiped out, and not simply by the Nazis, in World War II. Ancient and Modern Dynamic American-born gallerist Cynthia Corbett is never one to do things by halves, as her latest presentation in Gallery 27, an in- stalment of her ongoing enter- prise, ‘Young Masters: The Figure in Art’ alongside a show of the work of the science-inspired Klari Reis, makes very plain (to 6 July). If you haven’t caught up with her excellent project yet, it’s a good moment to start, this particular show having its origins in a prize she organized last year inviting young graduates to present work that, while essentially very 21st Century in character and origin- ality, also takes inspiration from the art of the past. There are some terrific discoveries here – Yorkshire born Derrick Santini for example – and it makes you wonder why more London-based galleries really don’t do more to tap into the remarkably rich flow of talent that seems to pour out of British art schools seemingly unabated. And, as if this wasn’t enough, Cynthia also presents us with a dist- inctly intriguing young American- based artist, Klari Reis, whose point of departure is very much in the present-day world of the biomedical laboratory. Living close to one of the largest concen- trations of life science laboratory 9. GALLERIES JULY 13 M eirion Ginsberg ‘Kid with Blazer’ ar Tegfryn Gallery. Arunas Gudaitis ‘Plaster bust of Socrates’ photographic print at 12 Star Gallery. David Whitaker at Rebecca Hossack. Richard Eurich ‘Winter Seascape’ at The First Gallery Southampton. Klari Reis‘ Individual Petri Dish’ at Cynthia Corbett Gallery. Naomi Alexander ‘Discussion on Emigrating’ at Shipley Art Gallery