Galleries - December 2013

At the Galleries office we spend all year looking at, and mostly loving, art –everything from paintings to ceramics and glass, sculpture –in fact art in all its forms from ancient to made yesterday. Of course there are always pieces we would love to own and this year we have made a personal Christmas list to share –this is what we have come up with. 1 Agnieszka who looks after the accounts says she is not in the least bit arty . . . we don’t believe her as she found this beautifuly smooth turned Zebrano wood and gilded bowl by Lenore Zavitz at 2 Of course there are artists in the office; Kirsty, who puts together the listings, and explores light in her own transformative contemporary work, would love a piece by another artist, Petroc Sesti, equally inspired. Vortex is a series of globes (this one commissioned by a museum in Dubai) with nature at its heart. 3 Frank magnus-Hirshfield is a sculptor who inspires Rosemary, our other resident artist. Now 70, his life’s work (not only artistic –he was an Olympic wrestler) includes these highly sought after bronze maquettes. 4 The editor, Andrew is a fan of these limited edition screenprints from classic British comics by John Patrick Reynolds. Dennis the Menace, Popeye, The Victor, Oor Wullie, ace runner Alf Tupper and many others. 5 From Cecilia in production who has always been a bit of an admirer –this wonderful photograph of Freddie Mercury in his Royal Robes, 1987, by © Peter Hince. Everyone loves a photographic print –and in monochrome especially it looks very cool. 6 At the Galleries’ coalface almost from its inception, Hilary has sifted through more images of art than nearly anyone here . . . so it is with a deft eye for style that she has chosen a piece of glass from Peter Layton –this chilled Turquoise Glacier Sphere. 7 Ever optimistic, the Galleries publisher, Paul Hooper, saw this chalk and crayon sketch by Picasso, ‘Feuille d’études’ at Waterhouse & Dodd’s 25 year gallery celebration. He was impressed by the image itself and then by the signature of a very young 21 year old Picasso. art we want for Christmas Pablo Picasso, ‘Feuille d’études’, signed, executed in 1901, black chalk and coloured crayon on paper courtesyof Waterhouse & Dodd