Galleries - May 2012

from page50 work from ‘Art in Action’s young award winners) before walking round thecorner to Advanced Graphics’ handsomespacein Long Lane. May’s main show is entitled ‘Significant Others’ and features two distinguished hus- band and wifeartistic partner- ships, ClydeHopkins and Marilyn Hallam and (thelate) Patrick Caulfield and Janet Nathan, all richly varied work in fact, despite theconnections. Finally, working our way back to where we started, head across to Southwark Street where Anita Klein will be showing her vigorous linocuts of domestic life, courtesy of The Fine Art Partnership at the Menier Gallery and veteran artist Bill Hudson’s abstract paintings and drawings ‘searching for the 4th dimension’ as he puts it, can be seen at Lovat Barnes. Our last stop is in what feels like an un- likely location for an art-gallery – Llewellyn Alexander – just oppositetheentranceto Waterloo Station. It has never proved a hindrance to them however – the gallery has been there for many years now and thrived – Mary Pym’s sprightly, colourful semi- abstract landscapes, their main May offering, is typical of just how it has . . . Nicholas Usherwood Matthew Draper has become a very attractive and collectable artist with his distinctive approach to contemporary landscape. Although his favoured medium of pastel is rarely used today, its particular qualities of suffused luminosity and atmospheric tonality are ideally suited for capturing the sublime meterological dramas which inspirehis work. For his latest exhibition he has returned to the Firth of Forth which has as its focal point themajestic Bass Rock. This daunting subject has attracted innumerable painters from Turner to Bellany, but miraculously Draper – through theintensity of his individual vision, imagination and skill – has thrown new light on this familiar, but fascinating, subject. ( Open Eye , May14-29, Map 2) Bill Hare Matthew Draper ‘For a Split Second’ THUMB nails ArtGallery Contemporary, original artworks and sculpture available on-line, also at The Art Gallery, Tetbury, The Knapp Gallery Regent’s Park and Malvern Theatres. t 0844 879 7438 (local rate) See also Cotswolds map ILLUSTRATION ART GALLERY Original illustration art from books, magazines, newspapers and comics at affordable prices. t 020 8768 0022 THE INFINITE GALLERY Rosemary Clunie. WEB WORLD WIDE F.magnus-HIRSHFIELD Sixty years in bronze and silver. Also paintings . . . ORIGINALS INPRINT Online gallery specialising in British printmaking by established and emerging artists. Including: Diana Ashdown, Julian Bailey, Tiny Nijman, Myrtle Pizzey, Simon Ripley, Jane Stobart , Frans Wesselman, Phil Wilkinson. t 01305 871929 POP UP GALLERY The online contemporary art market place – sell your artwork commission free. *ad Dedicated site promoting the work of artists working in print. Featuring: Jane Bristowe, Emma Clark, Paula Cox, Colin Gale, Vincent Jack- son, Elaine Newman, Susie Perring, Melvyn Petterson, Sonia Rollo, Chris Salmon. t/f 01372 842 879 VICTOR ARWAS GALLERY Editions Graphiques Ltd, Studio 109 8 Shepherd Market Mayfair, London W1J 7JY Original graphics, drawings, paint- ings, 1880–1960. Art Nouveau and Art Deco Applied Arts and graphics. Books by Victor Arwas. t 020 7499 2658 f 020 7493 5779 Businesses operating principally on the Internet GALLERIES’ circulation: May 2012 - 17,000 copies. Available through listed galleries sale rooms, major hotels & subscription: UK £28, Europe £32, Elsewhere £44, (UK Art Trade price of £24, please send business card) payments to ‘Galleries’. Mastercard/Visa accepted. Listing & advertising rates: see . 63. GALLERIES MAY 12 BRONZE METAL . . . Olympians including Beth Tweddle, Kelly Holmes and Sally Gunnell, body cast in metal by sculptor Louise Giblin can be seen at Mall Galleries (map 30) 21-26 May.