Galleries - December 2012

Ulla Art Cosmos – with a Twist! I have always been fascinated by the Universe and have finally been able to indulge my passion by creating my new Cosmos Series (2012) – inspired by Hubble space scope images and the magic, infinite wonder of Space which to me is explosive, effervescent, ethereal. I have made my dream a reality. Image: Ulla Plougmand, ‘Space Orgasm’ (all work acrylic on canvas, 100 x 100 cm) Skylark Galleries 1.09 Oxo Tower Wharf, (first floor riverside), London SE1 9PH Two friendly artist-run galleries on London's South Bank. Choose your unique Christmas gifts from our wide selection of high quality original paintings, hand-made prints and sculptures all at affordable prices. Gift vouchers and exclusive hand- made cards also available. Daily 12-5, but open till 8pm every December Thursday – with mulled wine. T: 020 7401 9666 Liz Meier, ‘A Prayer for the Trees’ mixed media on canvas, 100 x 80 cms What do you want for Christmas? We think art makes the perfect gift and so we asked some art world figures what their ideal present would be . . . Will Ramsay Founder, Affordable Art Fair “I love cows! – so I would choose a Helen Thorpe painting. Cows are wonderfully inquisitive, and I love the ten minute challenge of building enough trust with them to be able to touch a cow’s shiny nose. And Helen Thorpe has a clever technique – dribbling paint from above with the board horizontal below. The rippling effect works extremely well both close up and from a distance.” Marie-Claire Green Richard Green, London “I have my eye on a Ken Howard painting in our gallery. It’s called ‘Grand Canal’ and was painted in Venice on a spring day. There are boats, gondolas, pink palazzos, the Rialto Bridge and St Mark’s Campanile. But this picture isn’t about grandeur, it’s about water, sky and light – and it will get me through the English winter.” Rupert Maas The Maas Gallery, London “The best Christmas presents to give are the ones you want yourself! For me it would be an Austin Osman Spare watercolour. I simply love his work. He was the enfant terrible on the Edwardian art scene, he drank too much, dabbled in black magic and people have generally been put off him by his strangeness ever since. But Sargent once said he was ‘England’s greatest draughtsman’ and it’s the weirdness along with the great skill that makes him so appealing.” Anthony Hepworth Anthony Hepworth Gallery, Bath “Might seem a bit like coals to Newcastle, asking for art when you are an art dealer, but I have a real passion for tribal art, and I collect it. A really special present for me would come from Ted Few who deals in London; not only does he have wonderful things but he is also very knowledgeable on the subject – you can really trust him to know about what he is selling. My wish list would include a greenstone ceremonial axe head from New Caledonia and another greenstone amulet from pre- Columbian America, representing a jaguar’s head.” Neil Lawson Baker Chairman of Trustees, The National Open Art Competition “As NOAC is so dear to my heart I would choose works from the excellent emerging artists showing in the current 2012 exhibition. I love Henrietta Dubrey’s ‘Coffee Morning’, I think she has a great future. Ross Loveday’s ‘Dark Shadows’ really catches my eye and then there’s a very cheeky little piece made out of white chocolate called ‘Yummy Mummy’ by Lisa Snook, and finally a photographic work by a talented young Chinese artist called Eiko Soga. I would be thrilled with all or any of them.” Nicola Gibson Oriel Ynys Môn, Anglesey “I would love to give my partner A bit of give & take Maggi Taylor 12. GALLERIES DECEMBER 12