Galleries - July 2011

WEB WORLD WIDE Businesses operating principally on the Internet ArtGallery Contemporary, original artworks and sculpture available on-line, also at The Art Gallery, Tetbury, The Knapp Gallery Regent’s Park and Malvern Theatres. t 0844 879 7438 (local rate) See also Cotswolds map GODFREY & WATT Have moved from Westminster Arcade, Harrogate and will continue as an online gallery. We will have a number ofopen studio exhibitions in Harrogate and elsewhere in the future. Please contact us to receive news of online shows and future events. t 07702 801379 GRIFFIN RAYNE GALLERY 20th Century and Contemporary paintings, photography and etchings. ILLUSTRATION ART GALLERY Original illustration art from books, magazines, newspapers and comics at affordable prices. t 020 8768 0022 THE INFINITE GALLERY Rosemary Clunie. *ad F.magnus-HIRSHFIELD Sixty years in bronze and silver. Also paintings . . . *ad Dedicated site promoting the work ofartists working in print. Featuring: Emma Clark, Paula Cox, Colin Gale, Emma Grover, Vincent Jackson, Elaine Newman, Susie Perring, Melvyn Petterson, Sonia Rollo, Chris Salmon. *ad t/f 01372 842 879 ROBERT A STUART *ad Contemporary original Scottish paintings, etchings, sculpture, jewellery and glassware. Also limited edition prints and photographs. t 0845 226 2595 VICTOR ARWAS GALLERY Editions Graphiques Ltd, Studio 109, 8 Shepherd Market Mayfair, London W1J 7JY Original graphics, drawings, paintings, 1880–1960. Art Nouveau and Art Deco Applied Arts and graphics. Books by Victor Arwas. t 020 7499 2658 f 020 7493 5779 Down among the beautifully-engineered calculating machines and difference engines of the Science Museum’s Mathematics Gallery, may be found five small-scale works by contemporary artist Conrad Shawcross – whose creations often approach the epic in size. The pieces, with such titles as Hyperbolic Swarf Drawings consider mathematical concepts and the models and machines which seek to render them visible. A long-term fan of the South Kensington museum, Shawcross’s residency “will feed my work for years to come.” Running there until 13 November, ‘Protomodel’ adds a further incentive to explore one of its lesser-known departments and to encounter thought in solid form. AA There is a quietly intriguing strand of sympathy running through 20th C. British cultural life for all things traditionally Romanian – no room to elaborate here – and it would be interesting to speculate how much of it might have to do with the pioneering travels in the country of that remarkable Arts & Crafts inspired, husband and wife artistic duo Marianne and Adrian Stokes before the First World War. An excellent new exhibition at Court Barn explores just this moment in exemplary fashion by bringing together the Stokes’ hugely evocative paintings of Romania with a vivid display of peasant costumes, jewellery and photographs from the wonderful Mihai Eminescu Trust. Not to be missed. NU BEYOND M ASS Conrad Shawcross, ‘Hyperbolic Swarf Drawings’ at the Science Museum Adrian Stokes, ‘Rumanian Church, Desza’ Court Barn, Chipping Campden