Galleries - August 2011

MAP 2 SCOTLAND EDINBURGH 14. GALLERIES AUGUST 11 a ALPHA ART 52 Hamilton Place, Stockbridge Edinburgh EH3 5AX Festival Fling Group Exhibition with Contemporary Scottish artists. Aug 5–Sep 2. Mon/Tue, Thur/Fri 10–5.30, Sat 10–5 Sun 12–5 t 0131 226 3066 or07738 810433 b ANTHONY WOODD GALLERY 4 Dundas St, Edinburgh EH3 6HZ William Miller Frazer RSA (1864–1961). Anniversary Exhibition. Aug 11–Sep 17. Please send for exhibition brochure or visit website. *ad t 0131 558 9544/5 c BOURNE FINE ART 6 Dundas St, Edinburgh EH3 6HZ Five Centuries ofScottish Portraiture. Jul 30–Sep 3. Edinburgh Art Festival exhibition featuring portraits from the 17th to 21st Century. Mon–Fri 10–6, Sat 11–4 t 0131 557 4050 d DOVECOT STUDIOS 10 Infirmary St, Edinburgh EH1 1LT Chris Drury: Land, Water and Language. Aug 4–Sep 4. Heirlooms. Aug 4–Sep 4. Tue–Sat 10.30–5.30, admn free t 0131 550 3660 c FLYING COLOURS GALLERY at 6a Dundas St, Edinburgh EH3 6HZ A Silver Celebration. Exhibition to celebrate the 25th Anniversary. Aug 16–27. Anderson, Barr, Cunningham, Farmar, Forshall, Hawkes, Mayes, Martin, Murphy, Mangan, Walker, White, Wilkins. *ad Mon–Fri 10.30–6, Sat 10–4 t 020 7351 5558 or0131 558 9363 (during show) See also London Chelsea map ceramic sculpture featuring messages and mantras often with a horticultural or marine reference. Jul 15–Aug 6. Nicola Becci: New Jewellery continued. Jul 15–Aug 6. John Byrne RSA: Moonlight and Music. Aug 13–Sep 5. Festival exhibition ofpaintings, drawings, etchings and linocuts to coincide with the launch ofhis biography published by Lund Humphries. Teena Ramsay: Festival exhibition of new jewellery. Aug 13–Sep 5. EYE TWO 34 Abercromby Place, Edinburgh EH3 6QE Le Corbusier (1887–1965): Complete Entre-Deux suite of17 lithographs, including the title page in colour. Jun 24–Aug 6. European Masterprints 1890–1980. Aug 13–Sep 24. *ad Festival exhibition oflithographs, etchings and silkscreen prints by artists including Picasso, Miró, Braque, Dufy, Toulouse-Lautrec and Marini. Mon–Fri 10–6, Sat 10–4 t 0131 557 1020 j ROYAL OVER-SEAS LEAGUE Landings Gallery, Over-Seas House 100 Princes Street, Edinburgh EH2 3AB Leo du Feu: Scottish Landscapes by Rail. Jul 6–Sep 16. 10–6, admn free t 0131 225 1501 f 0131 226 3936 k THE SCOTTISH GALLERY 16 Dundas St, Edinburgh EH3 6HZ Edinburgh Festival Exhibitions: Elizabeth Blackadder DBE: New Paintings; Jacqueline Mina: ‘Touching Gold’ – Jewellery; Colin Reid: Glass. Aug 5–Sep 3. *ad Mon–Fri 10–6, Sat 10–4 t 0131 558 1200 f 0131 558 3900 l SCOTTISH NATIONAL GALLERY OF MODERN ART Belford Road, Edinburgh EH4 3DR Tony Cragg: Sculptures & Drawings. Jul 30–Nov 6. A chance to see new work by one of the world’s greatest living sculptors. t 0131 624 6200 ? SCOTTISH NATIONAL PORTRAIT GALLERY Queen Street, Edinburgh EH2 1JD Closed for refurbishment until late 2011. t 0131 624 6200 m UNION GALLERY 45 Broughton St, Edinburgh EH1 3JU ‘Still.’ – New Paintings by Philip Braham. Aug 5–Sep 5. *ad t 0131 556 7707 DUNDASSTREET DAVIDSTREET S TV IN CE NTST CH A RLOT T EST G L E NF INL AS S T YOUNG STRE ET GEORGE STREET ROSESTREET PRINCESSTREET Q U E E N ST R E ET H E RIOTR O W G REA T KIN GST C UM B ER LA N DS T Q UEENS F E RRYST L E I T H W A L K B R O U GHTON S T U N IO N S T E. L O ND ON ST LON DON S T FE T TE SR OW N ORTHUMBERLA ND S T Y OR K PL ACE LOND O R O Y A L T E MA R KET S TREET P L E A S A N C ES T L E ON A R C A N D L E M A K E R R O L O T H I A N R O A D MANOR P LA C E M E LVILLEST W I LL I A M S T S H AN D W I C K P LAC E P L A C E A I N S L I E P L A C E M O R A Y H E N D E RS O N R O N I C OLS O N S T R S O U T H B R I D G E C O W G A TE HO L Y R E G E N T R O A D HIGH ST R EET T H E M O U N D C A S T L E T E R R A C E B R E A D S T R E E T G R A S S M A R K E T RAE B UR N PL A CE C I R C U S R O Y A L S T S T E P H E N S S T A B E R C R O M B Y P L REGENT GARDENS PRINCES ST GARDENS CASTLE P AL M ERS T O N PL B E L F O R D R O A D HA Y M A R KET T ER R AC E OM E L Y B A NK AVE H R D D E A N P A TH Q U E E N S F E R R Y R O A D R A V E I S T O N T E R E W E R O A D S OUT H I N LASST C UN I O N S T E . L O ND O NS T D . S T P L A C E I E L O C S O S C R Y P L C HA R L OT TE S T D A ST REET AT KING ST Q U E ENS F E R S T N O T M B ERLAND S T YORK PL C AT E M AN O R E B R O U G H T O N ST U N G S TR EE T GEO R GE ST R E E T R O S E STREET PRINCES STREET QUE EET E R IOT R OW F E TTE S R O W L ON O YA L M A RKE T S T P L E A S A N CE S G E O R G E I V B R I L O T H I N R O A D M E L ILL E S T W I L I A M S T MO R RIS O N S T S H AN DW ICK PL A E HE N D E R S R H O L W A T E L O O P HIGH STR E ET C T H E M U N D J O H N S T O N T E R R A C E B R E A D S T G R A S S M A R K T RA E BURN P L L E I T H W A L K N I C L S S O U T H B R I D G E D UN D A S 1 a eg d h m l k j i f c b Waverley e THE FRUITMARKET GALLERY 45 Market St, Edinburgh, EH1 1DF Ingrid Calame – Edinburgh Art Festival Exhibition. Aug 4–Oct 9. Mon–Sat 11–6, Sun 12–5 t 0131 225 2383 f THE LAUREL GALLERY 41 St Stephen Street, Edinburgh EH3 5AH Specialising in affordable Scottish Art, Crafts and Gifts. Tue–Fri 11–5.30, Sat 10.30–5, Sun/Mon by appt t 0131 226 5022 g NATIONAL GALLERY COMPLEX The Mound, Edinburgh EH2 2EL Portrait ofthe Nation. Until Sep 4. Preview ofhow the newly renovated Portrait Gallery will look when it opens in the Autumn. The Queen: Art and Image. Jun 25–Sep 18. Elizabeth Blackadder: Retrospective. Jul 2–Jan 2. t 0131 624 6200 h NATIONAL MUSEUM OF SCOTLAND Chambers Street, Edinburgh EH1 1JF Re-opens Jul 29 following major redevelopment. 16 new galleries which will reveal the wonders ofnature, the history ofworld cultures and the excitement ofscience and discovery. i OPEN EYE GALLERY 34 Abercromby Place, Edinburgh EH3 6QE Inside Outside: Thematic summer show ofinvited artists working in the genre ofstill life and interior or land- scape and exterior, including Glen Scouller, Anna King, George Donald and Chris Bushe. Jul 15–Aug 6. Margaret L. Smyth: Coppelia’s Cabinet. New warm and nostalgic paintings evoking the magical parallel world of theatre and romance. Jul 15–Aug 6. Vivien Moir: Pictorial painted