Galleries - October 2010

16. GALLERIES OCTOBER 10 CORRIE CHISWELL Winner of 2009 Welsh artist of the Year, painting award/ Enillydd Gwobr Baentio Cystadleuaeth Artist Y Flwyddyn 2009 16 September - 12 October 2010 “IN REMEMBRANCE”/ “ER COF” OrielOff The Wal- The Old Probate Registry Cardiff Road, (Yr Hen Swyddfa Brofiant, HeolCaerdydd) Llandaff Cardiff CF5 2DQ Mon-Fri (Dydd Mawrth – Dydd Gwener) 9.30-5.30 Sat (Dydd Sadwrn)10.00-4.00 The Princess & the Pea industries and of Welsh work- ing men and women by Geo- rge Little, Valerie Ganz and Will Roberts. Monnow Valley Arts Centre lies in a blissfully ru- ral spot in south Herefordshire. Its barn gallery and sculpture garden are made for contempl- ation. During October you can see ceramics by Rupert Spira and small paintings by Annie Spear- man as well as wood engravings, wood-cuts, etchings, watercolours, drawings and stage designs by the theatrical designer, Edward Gordon Craig. of prints and historic pottery whose use and meaning she trans- forms by adding trans- fers and standing them on handmade paper, while Andrew Griffiths’s rocket-like metal con- structions trigger more philosophical sparks by turning modern trash into potent sym- bols. Andy works ‘in any material I find exciting, this has led to me using materials such as salt, tar, silicone sealant, steel and bronze’. Housed in spanking new prem- ises near its old place on Swan- sea’s docks, the Attic Gallery is actually a year older than Oriel Tegfryn. Always a class act, its autumn exhibitions bring new, gritty views of Wales’s declining Down the road in Machynlleth, MoMA is showing ‘Art for Child- ren’, Peter Wakelin’s choice of paintings and 3-D work from a private collection. The 43 artists include John Nash, Paula Rego, Kathleen Hale (of Orlando the Marmalade Cat fame), Picasso, and Meri Wells who makes quirky ceramic figures of animals ‘in a tin shed in the valley’ nearby. ‘This is the best exhibition we’ve had for years’, enthuses Ruth Lambert. Also showing are Jooney Wood- ward who makes her debut with documentary photos, and Gerald Dewsbury with landscapes of Wales which express an intense, Friedrich-like solitude. Way down south in Narberth, Oriel Q carries a flame for new, interesting and often challenging artists, many of them straight from art school. In ‘2D or not 2D’ Catherine Fairgrieve twists the age-old question with installations ART IN WALES V allerie Ganz ‘Five Miners’ at Attic Gallery. A lan Sainsbury ‘Homage to Zurbaran’ at Y Capel S hani Rhys James ‘Figure in Blue and Flowers’ at Martin Tinney. Catherine Fairgrieve,‘Red Dress’ at Oriel Q