Galleries - December 2010

JOSS GRAHAM 10 Eccleston Street, London SW1W 9LT t 020 7730 4370 Mon - Sat 10-6 A special exhibition of contemporary Burmese lacquer designed by Veronica Gritsenko and produced by artisans in Burma using old recipes and tech- niques. Also showing unusual textiles, jewellery and art works from India, Africa and the Orient. Square Tray KEITH CHAPMAN GALLERY Hurlingham Studios, Ranelagh Gardens, London SW6 3PA t 020 7736 6633 Nov 23 - Dec 15, Tue - Thur 12-5.30, Sat 1-4 A massive winter sale following a clearout of storage facilities, with paintings, sculpture, drawings and prints including works by Henry Moore from £99, John Piper and Lynn Chadwick. Painting by Naum Gabo LA GALERIE LONDON 96 Chelsea Park Gardens, London SW3 6AE t 020 7352 1278 m 07956 833737 Open days: 2-3 December, 8.30-6pm. Paintings by Hanna Sidorowicz, Louisa Burnett-Hall, Anna Romanello and Will Ayres. Angels for a Library by Hanna Sidorowicz LAURENCE BRODERICK SCULPTURE In his figurative and abstract, bronze and stone sculpture, Laurence Broder- ick draws inspiration from wildlife, in particular the otter and other endan- gered species. The scale of work ranges from small bronze maquettes up to very large outdoor sculpture. Also female figurative work. Sandraig Otter Maquette III LESLEY CRAZE GALLERY 33 - 35a Clerkenwell Green, London EC1R 0DU t 020 7608 0393 Tue - Sat 10-5.30 One of the foremost contemporary jewellery galleries in Europe, this Christ- mas the gallery will be showing work by more than 100 leading UK and inter- national designers. Nora Fox , Cherries, nylon