Cover Image: Graeme Wilcox, 'Airborne Figure', mixed media, Fidra Fine Art, Mar 2-31 Art galleries in London, Art Galleries in London, Art Galleries in Edinburgh, Art Galleries in Glasgow, Art Galleries in Cardiff, Art Galleries in Cork Street
Graeme Wilcox
Airborne Figure,
mixed media
Fidra Fine Art

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    Galleries - 2019 Jan/Feb Digital Issue Galleries - 2019 March Digital Issue Being Here . . . em art at MARCH 2019 ART OPENINGS UPCOMING. . . + ALL MARCH OPENINGS BY DATE
    Art galleries in London and the UK
    SATURDAY 16.3.19
    A Bit of Ireland - Campden Gallery, Cotswolds, England  
    Brian Graham - Sladers Yard,
    West Country, England  
    Contemporary Art Fairs _ Surrey - Contemporary Art Fairs _ Surrey,
    S. Home Counties, England  
    Janusz Szpyt - Posk Gallery,
    S.W. London  
    John Cave - Ucheldre Centre,
    Wales, UK  
    Sweet + Shore - Cupola Contemporary Art,
    North, England  
    Art Exhibitions Opening this month
    SUNDAY 17.3.19
    Richard Price - The Gallery At 41, West Country, England  
    Art Exhibitions Opening this month
    MONDAY 18.3.19
    Pauline Alexander - Chalk Gallery, S. Home Counties, England  
    Sorolla - The National Gallery,
    Trafalgar Square, London  
    Vicky Potts - Browse & Darby,
    Mayfair, London  
    Art Exhibitions Opening this month
    TUESDAY 19.3.19
    Elaine Coles - The Fountain Gallery, S.W. London  
    Leading Illustrators - Début Art & The Coningsby Gallery,
    Bloomsbury, London  
    Mike Nelson - Tate Britain,
    Knightsbridge & Pimlico, London  
    Printmakers Council - Jack House Gallery,
    S. Home Counties, England  
    Art Exhibitions Opening this month
    WEDNESDAY 20.3.19
    Bada Art Fair - Long & Ryle, Knightsbridge & Pimlico, London  
    Ruben Alterio - Osborne Studio Gallery,
    Knightsbridge & Pimlico, London  
    Art Exhibitions Opening this month
    THURSDAY 21.3.19
    John Macfarlane - Martin Tinney Gallery, Cardiff, Wales  
    Open life drawing - The London Sketch Club,
    Chelsea & Fulham, London  
    Art Exhibitions Opening this month
    FRIDAY 22.3.19
    Anne Imhof - Tate Modern, Bankside, London  
    Julie Oldfield - Town Mill Galleries,
    West Country, England  
    The Politics of Moisture - Siger Gallery,
    Bloomsbury, London  
    Thomas Adam - Arusha Gallery,
    Edinburgh, Scotland  
    Art Exhibitions Opening this month
    SATURDAY 23.3.19
    Beth Robertson Fiddes - Doubtfire Gallery, Edinburgh, Scotland  
    Contemporary Textiles Fair 2019 - Landmark Arts Centre,
    S.W. London  
    David Suff - Goldmark Gallery,
    East Anglia, England  
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